I’m sure you’ve all thought about this before you started working out!

an athletic person
a person who has never exercised
a person who has heard of jujitsu
a man who didn’t know the number of jiujitsu.
Someone who’s done other exercises.

I think I have the most vegetable luggage at the Achasan Jjitsu gym!

I like to work out normally.
I don’t usually work out, so I thought I’d try it.
A person who has heard jujitsu often watches ufc
I didn’t know the number of jujitsu, but I did a lot around me
I tried other exercises, and Jujitsu looked interesting.

There are people who have done a lot of different sports.
It’s my first time working out, and people who are trying to learn jujitsu,
There are many vegetable bags!


Chae Wan-ki, former world No. 11 in the national team,
Isn’t it because you’re teaching and guiding yourself?

Vegetable luggage jujitsu

There are many jujitsu gyms in Achasan Soju,
I’m sure everyone has thought about this before exercising!

Like a good student under a good teacher.
Even if you don’t know about the sport, I hope the teacher is good at it. That!

Of course, there are the most colored belts in the Achasan gym.
I think it’s the gym that novice women visit the most!

Vegetable luggage has 2nd store in Soju and rural area and is preparing 3rd store in Achasan Mountain soon.
Many people are coming to learn from Yookpo Soju in Seoul!

Come learn how to upgrade yourself by coaching the national team!
I’ve been working out for a 주짓수 long time, but I’m humble in front of Jiu-Jitsu!

Two years, three years, too big a wall to be flattered.
I thought the only sport that can’t ignore experience and experience was jujitsu.

You’ve won all the world’s most famous competitions.
He fights with world-famous people and gives them his name.
I heard that if foreign players know Korean Jiujitsu players,
I heard they’re all in a state of depression!
Not only in Korea but also in the world.
He teaches at the Achasan Jitsu gym!

The best zebra mat out of all the mats!
I don’t usually use Zebra Mat in the gym because it’s expensive.
As expected, it’s vegetable luggage, so everything is the best!
As I said before, the gym with the most colored belts among the Acha Mountain Jitsu gyms has the most color belts.
I told you it might be a vegetable bag, but I took a picture of the people who left the belt behind.

Maybe some of the other sports people don’t know much about jujitsu.
Blue belt, purple belt, brown belt, brown belt.
Jujitsu’s blue belt is more than two years old.
Boratido for more than four years
The Year of the Sea is more than six years old.
The black belt that everyone else picks is a belt that you can get after more than 10 years!

Butterfly Contest
It’s a famous jiujitsu contest!
Strong players come out every year, and among the jiujitsu tournaments,
It’s one of the most recognized competitions, and winning here can accumulate a lot of your ranking points!

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