I came here a few years ago when the boss did it alone in a small space, but now it’s a spacious hanok cafe.

Hello, I’m Hwang Doo Hwan, the director of Gangnam Jitsu located in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu.
I went to Jangchung-dong last Saturday.
The head of Jangchung Jitsu Jokbal Jitsu Hwang Kwan took him to Jangchung-dong to buy him a delicious meal.
On Saturday, I met with Director Moon and Director Kwak of Uijeongbu Branch’s Uijeongbu Unit Stew Team at Gangnam Jitsu in Yeoksam, Gangnam and left with a click.

On a rainy Saturday, the three headed for Jangchung-dong by taxi.
After getting off at Gyeongbokgung Palace Station, Director Moon took us to an alley alley. It was so scary.
The place I visited was a famous place for Jjokgalbi, but there’s only one picture because I’m in a hurry to eat it.

I went deep into Jangchung-dong after eating and walking.
I happened to find a quiet place with books and had a cup of tea there.

And I headed to Jangchung-dong restaurant ice cream martin.
I came here a few years ago when the boss did it alone in a small space, but now it’s a spacious hanok cafe. A sense of war.
There was no space inside the store, so I built a nest under the eaves.
I took a self-portrait of us who became addicted to cell phones.

Finally, the ice cream and croissant I ordered came out.
The representative menu of this restaurant is to put Hamon and ice cream in Croissant, but it’s a bit expensive, so we ordered bread and ice cream separately.
As expected, it’sure. Make sure you try the Camembert cheese flavor.

Master Hwang Tae-bong of Uijeongbu. You can find this person for Uijeongbu Budaejjigae.

While you were the chief pig’s feet, the chief pig’s dinner… 강남주짓수 It looks like she’s in her late thirties.
Both of you have long training and coaching experience + competition + endless training combos, so you’re an excellent choice to learn jujitsu!

I don’t know if it’s been a month since I stopped drinking p.s. caffeine.
The more I wake up in the morning, the lighter my body gets lighter. But I didn’t quit coffee.
Let’s drink decaffeinated together!

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